4 Tips for Using Gravel

4 Tips for Using Gravel - National Site Materials

Gravel is a versatile material. From concrete fill to landscaping, it has multiple uses on construction sites, residential and commercial properties. Get the most out of your gravel by following a few simple tips.

Put A Barrier Between Gravel And Soil

If you are using gravel as an alternative to mulch for landscaping, apply a layer of weed-barrier fabric before spreading the gravel. This will help prevent weeds, grass and other plants from growing in the spaces between the gravel pieces. This one extra step can help stop weeds from ruining your gravel landscaping.

Pair Gravel With Another Material When Using It For Edging

Some types of gravel, especially pea gravel, can be used to create an attractive edging around garden beds and driveways, but gravel alone is not an effective barrier. Start by laying bricks or larger stones then lining those with gravel. This will help prevent the gravel from moving with foot traffic. It also creates a more solid barrier to slow grass and other plants that might encroach on the gravel edging.

Know Your Gravel Varieties

When it comes to gravel, most people think of white or grey crushed, jagged stones. But gravel comes in all shapes and sizes. Lava rock, crushed granite, river rock, pea gravel and slate chips are just a few of the varieties of gravel available. Each type offers different colors and textures. River rock may complement one project nicely while pea gravel may be the best option for a large landscaping project. Consider keeping samples of your most popular varieties on hand for customers and clients to view before choosing materials for their project.

Get Creative With Your Gravel

Gravel is for much more than driveways and concrete fill. Gravel can be used to create water features, stunning walkways and  even as an alternative to grass. For major landscaping projects, gravel be used to create a functional and attractive statement piece. If you are looking to lay a gravel path as a DIY project, This Old House put together a great step-by-step guide to lay a budget-friendly gravel path.

Order Your Gravel Today!

National Site Materials offers over 20 varieties of stone aggregate and decorative stones through our easy, online order form. Looking for a special material not listed? Contact us today and we will work with you to find the materials you need for your next project.

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