Riprap and Erosion

Riprap and Erosion - National Site Materials

Riprap, shot rock, rock armor, or rubble. Rip rap has many names but it all refers to one material, loose stone. These large, loose stones or concrete chunks are used along shorelines, streambeds, abutments, embankments, pilings and other structures along shorelines and waterways. In all these uses, rip rap serves as an effective protective barrier against erosion cased by water, waves and ice.

Fighting Erosion with Riprap

Erosion is a serious threat to bridges, shorelines and any structure exposed to rushing water. Around lake shorelines, rip rap reduces erosion from waves. Along river ways, especially at river bends, riprap protects the river banks from the force of the water.

The effects of erosion are also felt my man-made structures. Bridge abutments, pilings and embankments will deteriorate overtime if not protected from erosion. While riprap may seem like a simplistic solution, engineers evaluate sites extensively to determine the most effect use and placement to mitigate the effects of erosion.

Riprap and the Environment

Rip rap can be composed of natural rock but it is also commonly comprised of recycled concrete. Using large chunks of broken concrete, riprap gives this used material a second life.

The use of riprap creates a natural-looking barrier to defend against erosion. This can help keep developing areas preserve a more natural look and feel. This nature-friendly look can be taken one step further. Adding smaller rocks and soil to larger open spaces makes the rocky material easier for animals to traverse.

Choosing Your Riprap

Riprap varies in size from about 4 inches to over 2 feet. The best size for your project is determined by the slope of the area and how fast the water is moving.

The right riprap for you can also depend on your location. Transporting large quantities of rock over long distances isn’t cheap. National Site Materials can help you source locally or regionally to help reduce these costs.

Order Riprap Now!

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National Site Materials offers a two online order forms to help make ordering quick and easy. Contractors can use our Contractor Order Form while residential customers can use the Homeowners Order Form. With either form, all you need to do is tell us what materials you need along with when and where you need them delivered. Our order fulfillment team will handle the rest.

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