The Purpose of Rebar: Applications and Uses

Reinforcing steel bars, or rebar, come in a variety of alloys and grades of steel. Rebar features ridges specially manufactured to help concrete adhere to the metal surface. When pouring concrete for building construction, driveways or other projects, there are two big reasons for adding rebar.

Rebar Adds Strength

Concrete on its own is a strong material that holds up well to compression forces. However, when you add stress from tensions forces, concrete can fail. This is where rebar comes in. Rebar absorbs the tension stress, relieves the stress on the concrete and prevents it from cracking or breaking.

Rebar is also useful for absorbing and distributing the tension when climate variations causes concrete to expand and contract. By strengthening concrete to withstand temperature changes, rebar can extend the life of a concrete structure or surface.

Rebar Reduces Thickness

The amount of cement and aggregate required for a project can greatly impact the total cost of the job. Using rebar adds strength to the ash and aggregate used in poured concrete. The added strength allows for a thinner slab of concrete to be used, reducing the amount of concrete required.

Rebar reduces the amount of concrete needed to make a strong, safe structure. Combined with the added strength and reduced risk of cracking and breaking, these thinner slabs, blocks and walls can last longer.

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Getting Creative with Rebar

The uses for rebar are limited only by your imagination. While reinforcing steel bars are most commonly found in concrete on construction sites, it also turns up in art studios, furniture, landscaping and gardens.

In art studios and classes, rebar is used in the creation of sculptures. The rebar is used to shape structures from giraffes to staircases to the completely abstract. These same steel bars are molded and bent to create outdoor furniture. In landscaping and outdoor architecture, rebar can be found as spindles or baluster for handrails, industrial-inspired garden gates, exposed reinforcement for a gabion and arbors for vining plants or weeping trees.

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